The Canadian Perspective…

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17 Apr 2020


Spiela is going international thanks to a Canadian football…sorry soccer star!

Simeon Jackson…Man, Son, Footballer and probably most importantly philanthropist.

He is a man who started his career at Rushden and Diamonds and travelled the leagues a bit even via Germany who has now found himself plying his trade at Grimsby Town on loan from Walsall…but that doesn’t tell half the story.

He is approaching the magical 50 caps with the Canadian national team and is hell bent on helping the next generation fulfil their potential through Spiela.

Come on, you didn’t think that we would want to keep Spiela confined to the shores of the UK did you?

Think about it this way – You could be sitting in your bedroom in London, log onto Spiela to search some answers about a certain subject and you find someone who is in the exact same scenario as you, although they’re actually sitting in their bedroom in London, Ontario, Canada…a different perspective to a problem is always a good thing.

Take myself for instance – I used to proof read company magazines in a past life – don’t ask, they were lifestyle magazines full of furniture and wall patterns, not what you expect from a Bane villain look alike. ???? Sorry I digress…

What I am trying is that no matter how many times you look at a problem you sometimes cannot see what is in front of you until you let someone else look at it from a different perspective.

And the great thing about perspective is, that whether you think it’s right or wrong it will get you thinking and in these times of whatever the hell is going on around the world…getting everybody to think that little bit more can’t be a bad thing.

And thanks to Simeon lets hope the kids from both Londons can be more than thinkers and become supporters but more importantly our future.

Simeon was on our Instagram live recently, so go to our profile @WeAreSpiela on the socials to check it out.

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