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Nervous About Getting Back to Normal? Follow These Three Tips!

Lockdown will lift further on the 29th of March. It signifies the latest stage of the governments ‘roadmap’ back to normal life; groups of six can meet outside (in parks or private gardens) and team sports can restart. The plan, which champions a phased return to normality, aims to lift all restrictions by June 21st

The prospect of freedom excites all but it may provoke anxiety for some. And this is understandable, we have endured various levels of isolation for over a year and the majority have adapted to ‘the new normal’. A radical swing in socialisation is bound to challenge everyone; will friends want to keep their distance? Will people have changed since you last saw them? Have YOU changed? The first social events will require individuals to negotiate a web of uncertainty. 

Therefore, we thought that we would suggest a few tips for those feeling overwhelmed by society’s reopening: 

1) Ease yourself in: 

Booming nightclubs, packed dance floors and cramped bars contradict the notion of social-distancing that was seared into brains over the last 12 months. So, remember, it is ok to miss the first few nights out if the idea still seems wrong. Instead, maybe meet a friend for a walk or enjoy a cosy, laidback, cafe. Then, as you feel more comfortable, try to partake in the activities that you once enjoyed. People adapted to the ‘new normal’ gradually and the reverse process will also take time.  

2) Relax! Your friends still like you:

 The constant threat of friendly Zoom catchups ominously characterises lockdown. These soulless meetings, coupled with repetitive messenger check-ins, become tiring. These social requirements are much harder to fulfil than in the first lockdown and, as restrictions begin to lift, you may not have contacted your friends in months. In this scenario, you may worry that your friends will forget about you - or believe that you no longer want to socialise with them. It is key to remember that they do not think this. Your friends have endured the same gruelling winter months as you have; they will understand your zoom fatigue. So, relax, and reach out to your pals as soon as YOU are ready. They will be waiting!

3) Give yourself a rest: 

The first weeks back will tire everyone. People will want to make-up for lost time and will attend every function, party and barbecue that they can. You are under no obligation to attend every event, so feel free to rest-up if needed. There may be a temptation to go crazy, but after a year of doing very little, this will lead to burnout. Be kind to yourself; rest up and feel free to say no to your fifth night out in a row! 

At Spiela, we understand how tough the last months have been and that the following period will shock, exhaust and thrill as we grind back into normal life. Therefore, we really hope that the tips, provided in the article, can help our users confidently renter their social circles. 

Have you got any plans for after lockdown? Let us know in the comments below! 


18 Mar 2021

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