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Unlock The Arts: Creative Chats with professionals

“I haven’t seen anyone who is local, you know that looks and sounds like me coming to talk to us about a creative job.”  


“If I don’t know about the different roles in the arts, how do I know how to research it?”  

Sound familiar? Then check out Unlock the Arts a project for 13 - 19 year old's with an interest in the creative sector but who just don't know how to break in. 


Taking place in the Easter holiday on Zoom; have a chat with a filmmaker, learn top tips from an entrepreneur, ask burning questions to a curator, create your own work with a music producer… hear from professionals about their creative careers journey or join in a workshop and start your own journey right now!

Join in a Creative Chat on Thursday 1st April or share your thoughts in the Listen Up! 4-day workshop in creative writing, music-making or theatre-making.

More information and all booking links here -


18 Mar 2021

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