How has COVID-19 affected your mental health?

Posted by marco-ricci
For the vast majority of us, our current situation is one we've never been in. As a result, a lot of us are feeling a substantial effect on our mental health.

To help people understand that they are not alone, I am gathering personal stories of mental health experiences through a survey which will then be edited (if needed) and published on a free-to-use website called Talking Mental Health ( Please visit the 'About' page for more info on the purpose of the website.

The article does not need to be accredited to you and you are free to contact me at the following email if you are not happy about the piece:

The survey can be accessed here:

Feel free also to share the survey link with anyone you think may benefit from sharing their story or would like to contribute to helping others.

Thanks for your support!

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Thanks for this marco
Posted 1 month ago
The Covid-19 crisis has actually made me stronger and much more mentally resilient. I've had to dig deep though and use many meditation and mindfulness techniques regularly. Talking to friends has helped the most though.
Posted 1 month ago
Its frightening isnt it. We gotta stay vigilant!
Posted 1 month ago
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