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Shaun Bailey’s Career Tips

On Thursday, Shaun Bailey appeared on Spiela’s career Q and A. The mayoral candidate discussed his personal journey, employment advice and BAME representation in politics. His insight and story are valuable for anyone looking to advance their own career. Therefore, in this article, we summarised and shared his key points for any that missed the event.

1) “I always hated politics!”

Mr. Bailey explained that he does not enjoy the political industry; he entered politics simply to help people. Prior to politics he worked in the community, predominantly as a youth worker. His early experience helped diversify his perspective and identify the issues that affected London city. It was this very outlook that attracted David Cameron to Mr. Bailey - and thus his political career begun...

Mr. Bailey used this as an example to consolidate a strong piece of career advice: diverse and varied experiences help job performance. Having this string in his bow enabled our speaker to progress through the Conservative party.

2) “Seek opportunity”

Shaun emphasised the importance of give and take within one’s career. “You have to know when to ask for something and when to offer something”, explained Mr. Bailey. This motto will open doors. An individual will actively seek opportunity by asking the right people the right questions; and employers will respond to the individual that offers progressive ideas. Striking this balance is key because it will help with networking and allows a job-seeker the opportunity to express their creativity, work-ethic and interpersonal skills. 

3) “I will comeback, I will improvise”

Shaun Bailey emphasised a key faucet to (career-based) mental toughness: dealing with rejection. The political industry is rife with dismissal. However, Mr. Bailey countered the constant prospect of failure by answering one simple question: “How do you pick yourself up?” 

The mayoral candidate suggested that, to bounce back from rejection one must have two things; a network of support (to help shed negativity), and extra-curricular activities to fall back on. These factors help an individual decompress, unwind and overcome stressful career setbacks. 

It was a pleasure to have Shaun Bailey on our platform. His advice proved valuable and hope that our users will channel his insight to provoke success in their own careers. Thank you Shaun. 


8 Mar 2021

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