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Looking for a Developer....

Imatik is a technology partner who pioneer and innovate new solutions with the primary aim to change the way business works. We’re more than just another tech start up, we’re a growing business with serious ambition to not only be a part of but lead the change in the technology sector. 

Our culture means we aim to provide the virtual and physical workplace of the future and truly value and foster diversity and inclusivity recognising the business needs a wide range of people to make it work. 

To see more about what we do, check out our website 

What do we need? Well, we need a self-starting experienced developer to take what we have now and deliver against our roadmap. The platform we have already has an active and passionate userbase but what we need is to push it forward and turn it into something truly amazing. 

Preferred Skills 

Ability to leave the shirt, tie and corporate rubbish behind, and focus on what matters. 
Passion and ability to translate the hopes, dreams and random thoughts into something that functions! 
Full stack 
Python, React, JavaScript, Google Cloud & Meraki API's
The usual bits about security, testing and be a decent developer!


22 Feb 2021

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Jacob Posted 3 months ago
thanks mate will share this out so others can apply Liam Francis

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