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Who is Shaun Bailey? An Introduction to Spiela’s Latest Guest

Spiela will host a Q&A session, via Zoom, with London Mayoral candidate, Shaun Bailey. The event will occur on the 4th March 2021. Our users will have the opportunity to quiz Shaun on career related subjects. Exciting stuff, right?

But, some of you may wonder: Who exactly is Shaun Bailey? And, why did we chose Mr. Bailey for our first career Q&A? 

Shaun Bailey is the Conservative candidate for London Mayor, and will run for the position in Spring 2021. He is currently a member of the London General Assembly. 

Mr. Bailey’s journey has taken him to the top of British politics. However, his career stretches further than Westminster. He swept factories, worked as a delivery driver and did security, before setting up the MyGeneration Charity in 2006. 

He decided to run for MP of Hammersmith in 2011, and across multiple boroughs in 2015, on behalf of the Conservatives. Both attempts were unsuccessful. However, he caught the eye of the former Prime Minister, David Cameron, who hired Bailey as a special adviser. 

Bailey advised Mr. Cameron on youth and crime. Throughout this role, he was able to draw experience from his adolescence, during which he associated with criminals and gang members. David Cameron acknowledged the value of Shaun’s past. Therefore, Mr. Bailey constituted a key role within the Conservative’s Big Society government, which aimed to reflect the nation’s diversity. 

He joined the General Assembly in 2015, and by 2018 he was selected as the Conservative candidate for London Mayor. The Evening Standard labelled Shaun Bailey as the ‘embodiment and standard bearer of Tory Modernisation’. Impressive stuff. 

At Spiela, we chose Shaun for our Q&A session for two main reasons. Firstly, as established, his CV and achievements are impressive. It is worth listening to any career advice that he gives. Furthermore, his path is unique. His life experience, outside of politics, communicates a key message. No matter your background, no matter your education and no matter your past; you can be successful.

So, I hope you are all excited for the 4th of March! If you would like to participate in the Q&A, register here:


18 Feb 2021

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Shirene Posted 3 months ago
Great piece George Arnold . He's an interesting character so I'm looking forward to asking him some questions at the Q&A
SpielaTv Posted 3 months ago
Thanks for this guys

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