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Spiela Q&A with London Mayoral Candidate Shaun Bailey

Could you be the next Mayor of London? 

Spiela invites you to the first of our series of career journey Q&A’s giving you inside tips and advice from professionals and newcomers in the industry. 

Our first focus is on How to get into politics and with postponed local and Mayoral elections now going ahead in May, we have invited London Mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey to come and share his journey from council house to City Hall. 

Join us to learn how Shaun Bailey and guests started their political careers and maybe kickstart your own! 

Event details: Thurs 4th March 2021 from 6.45-8.00pm on Zoom.

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18 Feb 2021

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Ivan Posted 3 months ago
KenKast Podcast Nav Sohanpaul Marco Ricci
Shirene Posted 3 months ago
If you have any questions you would like to ask Shaun Bailey at the Q&A, drop them in the comments below.
Ivan Posted 3 months ago
Trevor Palmer Lola Lawal
Megan Posted 3 months ago
Do you plan to do anything specifically for the hardships the black community have placed upon us? Asked Kahn this year's ago and he gave me the usual political everyone matters response, hope you'll do better. Will you as a black man, knowing your skin colour doesn't make you predisposed to criminal behaviour, speak out against the destructive black on black double standard narrative that allows the met to use racism as form of 'intelligence'?
Jacob Posted 3 months ago
Megan Gray you bring up a lot of points. will you be joining the call?

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