Why China is the world's worst influence / Part 2 / Hong Kong & Macau

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17 Feb 2021


I’m going to talk about why I think China is the world’s worst influence in multiple parts. In part 1, I discussed the conspiracy theory behind Covid-19’s origin in China. If you haven’t read that yet you can go and click here. In this part I’m going to talk about Hong Kong and Macau. Two territories that are in a special situation. Are they part of China or are they independent?

It may confuse most of us but as of publication of this article, Hong Kong and Macau are both in the middle of transition. In the 1800s, Hong Kong and Macau were given to Britain and Portugal but there was a catch in that Hong Kong and Macau had a lease which would expire in 99 years or as the people then said “As good as forever”. In 1997 and 1999 the two territories were given back to China but were left “independent”. During the handover of Hong Kong and Macau it was agreed that this would last for 50 years meaning that this transition period will end in 2047 for Hong Kong and 2049 for Macau. This agreement is called “One China, Two Systems”. No one currently knows what is going to happen after this period but China is making things currently very hard for Hong Kong.

As China does not want to wait until 2047, the Communist country put a bill forward in 2019 that basically gives them more control over Hong Kong. This is one of the reasons why there are a lot of riots and protests going on in Hong Kong and why there is so much unrest.

One of the other reasons is that Hong Kong is a very different place than China. While China is being governed by a single party and communist system, Hong Kong is self governing and has a capitalist economic system that is meant to remain until 2047.

China is slowly turning Hong Kong back into China. They are even going so far as to broadcasting the local news in Mandarin which is not spoken in Hong Kong. On top of that they also play propaganda as well as the Chinese national anthem at the beginning of the broadcast. Children in Hong Kong schools are being given text books that describe China’s political system and how bad the west is at ruling countries.

All of this is what China is really good at. Playing mind games and forcefully unifying the regions of the country against the people’s will.

In 2014, China was trying to control who was able to run for the Hong Kong election. This again lead to riots and violence in Hong Kong but the actual riots did not affect the minds of the people in power and thus it is going ahead with the new rules regardless.

Due to all the big protests and riots, the UK is expected to take in 300.000 people from Hong Kong as it is making this very generous offer to the people of Hong Kong to give the people the right to live and work in the UK and eventually become citizens because China is suppressing Hong Kong's rights and freedoms.

We all just have to wait and see what will happen in 2047 as that’s when the transition period ends and China will not say what the new regulations will be in regards to Macau and Hong Kong. The world and the people of the territories are very nervous but there unfortunately is nothing that anyone can do.

China is really ruthless towards basically anyone who doesn’t agree with their government and way of life like Hong Kong, other regions within China and the neighbouring countries. All of which I’m going to be discussing more in the upcoming parts. For now, please share your thoughts on the Hong Kong situation and tell me what you think is the best outcome for the territory.

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