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Mindset, Motivation & Money

LINLDN X Talk The Truth team up to bring you guys hottest tips on creating a winning mindset that generates motivation, opportunities and money.

With 1 month behind us and 11 more to go, join us to break habits and limitations. Getting your head in the right mind frame is a fundamental part of achieving the things you truly want.

An open, inclusive and safe space.

Eventbrite sign up Zoom ID: 850 163 18767


17 Feb 2021

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Judy Posted 3 weeks ago
thanks Megan Gray going to share this with my community. How long has this been going for?
Posted 3 weeks ago
Hi Judi, thanks for sharing and supporting the movement. We have just kicked off, are one workshop in to the program. Take Care
Judy Posted 3 weeks ago
lovely thanks Megan Gray please do bring your movement onto this app and use it..we can unite our forces!
Romel Posted 3 weeks ago
thanks for this Megan Gray will check this out and please do bring the community in this seems worthwhile
Posted 3 weeks ago
Thanks for supporting and spreading the word
Jacob Posted 2 weeks ago
what is your linked in Megan Gray

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