The Art of Job Hunting During a Pandemic: Finding the right job & empl

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17 Feb 2021


We are back hosting another session from The Art of Job Hunting During a pandemic series.

Many of you are quietly taking note of the Covid job crisis and want to be prepared for any scenario. Come and join me for a 60 minute session on 21st Feb, I will be showing you guys how to identify the right jobs & employers in 2021. 

Worrying about finding the right job, in the right company, in the right team stops many of us from taking that next step. I will be sharing industry leading tips and secrets around finding jobs, companies and environments which bring the best out in you.

We spend far to many hours at work to feel unhappy, uncomfortable or unsatisfied. Together we will unpack the necessary steps and techniques needed for finding the right mid to long term opportunity

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Author Posted 4 months ago

where is the link for this Megan Gray ?

Author Posted 4 months ago