Why China is the world's worst influence / Part 1 / Covid 19

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12 Feb 2021


Almost every country in the world has some form of controversy surrounding it. The UK has Brexit, Germany has WWII, North Korea has its government and isolation but there is one country that’s so controversial and so powerful at the same time you wouldn’t think it’s at all successful.

China is the subject of many news stories and articles. Even in recent times it has been responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course now that there are investigations by the World Health Organisation (WHO) into finding Covid-19’s origins, China has denied access to any important locations that could be of use for the researchers. Which make it seem like the country has something to hide. This obviously fuels conspiracy theories and one is insane.

There is currently information out there that China has spent a lot of money on covering up Covid’s origin and instead of doing research and looking into this, they spread misinformation. Therefore, a theory exists where the US government is assumed to believe that workers inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) got sick in August of 2019 with very similar symptoms to that of Covid-19. China has also denied the researchers from interviewing any of the workers, even the ones who fell ill. People think that the reason this is, is because China is known to have a biological weapons program and the WIV is suspected it has been working in secret with the Chinese government on this program. Many seem to believe that Covid-19 would have been one of those weapons that got leaked or went out too early. The WHO has denied that Covid-19 came from a Chinese lab but the theory suggests that China has been paying a lot of money to keep the WHO quiet. Then again, this information from the US went out 4 days before Joe Biden got inaugurated as president so it’s therefore not confirmed whether or not all of this is true since Donald Trump is a big fan of fuelling conspiracy theories but even if it is, the world would be in big trouble.

This article is part 1 of several discussing the complications that China has caused and why the country is such a big problem to the world. There are many more topics to come involving various issues in and around China so stay tuned for more. To read part 2, you can click here.

It would be great to hear what you think about these issues and start a discussion below so feel free to share your opinions.

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