Three Tips to Kickstart your Career as a PT

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5 Feb 2021


A career as a PT will be lucrative, as soon as the fitness industry reboots after lockdown. It is ideal for gym addicts with strong interpersonal skills. However, it is a competitive industry. To stand out, new trainers need a range of qualifications, experience and networks

At Spiela, we prepare our users for their ideal career. Therefore, we have compiled a list of three key tips that will help prospective trainers get ahead of the competition.

1) Get Qualified. 

Personal Trainers need a qualification, before they can accept clients. There are three main levels of courses, and UCAS recommends that trainers reach the second level before they begin their practice. 

The qualification must be CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) recognised. CIMSPA ensures that PT courses are up to standard, and that they cover all the fundamentals. Gaining a CIMSPA recognised qualification guarantees that a trainer is credible. 

You can browse and compare CIMSPA’s finest courses here.

2) Become a presence on the gym floor. 

The best PTs own the gym. They bounce from patron to patron chatting, advising and spotting. This helps a trainer network, and connect with, potential clients. A PT must feel confident, so that they can market themselves effectively. 

One way of to initiate productive interactions is by offering free advice. The average gym-goer will have issues with their form, and fitness instructors can demonstrate their expertise through friendly  This gives a PT the window to impress, and open up channels of communication with, new clients. 

3) Find a USP. 

There are many different aspects of fitness. A trainer can specialise in mobility, injury rehabilitation, muscle building or thousands of other elements. If a trainer finds their niche, it opens up earning potential. This is because all the clients that need training on a specific aspect will hire the most relevant trainer. 

A PT’s niche can align with personal interests, and be refined during their career. One example of a trainer, who has earned success through his USP, is Troy Bennett. Bennett specialises in cosplay, and he aims to get his client’s physiques to match that of their favourite video game character! His work is renowned within the gaming industry.

Bennett’s success proves that a niche can keep careers fresh and profitable.

Click here for more USP advice.

To summarise, the three main features of a successful PT are their qualifications, presence and niche. If you follow these steps, a rewarding career awaits. Until then, we at Spiela will just have to stick with Joe Wicks!

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