When the creativity is washed away…

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16 Apr 2020


*Please note this was written on a Sunday morning before the CoronaVirus Lockdown*

Not going to lie, I have been sat here staring at my screen for over 20 minutes now looking at the blank white space that Microsoft Word has to offer trying for the life of me to get some sort of sane collection of words together that won’t be akin to the words of a simpleton.

My brain has officially emptied of all thought and process, probably because I am spending more time watching Goals on Sunday and Aladdin than concentrate on writing this, plus also a case of the ‘Sunday Afternoon Shakes’ – you know that feeling of the weekend is about to end and its back to the grind tomorrow.…oh how I cannot wait to get on the underground tomorrow morning with the rest of Monday.

So back to todays ‘blog’…I’m still thinking…Decided to shut down and restart my brain by going outside, but then looked outside and saw it was tipping it down so I my walk consisted of going to y window and then back to my chair. In that time I managed to decide what I am going to have for dinner tonight though, but nowhere near closer for a ‘blog’ for you…

I’ve even tried the usual ‘blog/opinion piece’ websites in the hope that I will find a half decent article and sort of kind of borrow it and then put my own twist on it, but alas still nothing inspires me and thus it saddens me that it looks like no ‘blog’ will be shared today… *shakes in disgust whilst a single tear rolls down my face*

So instead I have decided to type a load of random words together about my struggles to be creative today in the hope that it will show people that you can still be creative whilst not actually being creative.

It's all in the delivery and how you story tell…engage the audience and they will be right there living and breathing every moment with you. In essence I have just wasted a few minutes of your life with my ramblings but not without reason – sometimes life doesn’t make sense and you have to muddle through to get where you want to be and I feel I did somehow with this article.

So my final word would be, even when things seem like they are not making sense, work your way through and it all become clearer in the long run…even if this article doesn’t. Haha.

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