My Career, and what its taught me...

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2 Feb 2021



I am Judy. I guess why i am here on Spiela is because:

I love what it stands for,

I love community

My job as an educator is to ensure, in best way possible, make the ignorant unignorant. I am not a teacher, not limited by a subject but rather present a whole range of learning topics. My career has taught me that education is infinite and it interlinks perfectly with trying to get into a career. You should by now have an idea as to what you want to do in life but i cant stress enough to you how important it is to have a plan.

Plan to succeed, but also plan to fail. A career is an opportunity but it is not a certainty and that is okay. Trust the skills that got you to this point but never rest on your laurels. Whatever field you enter wont be easily but have a plan for how you will grow in that field ( small baby step goals) and you will reap the benefits.

That is all, @ me or reach out to talk more!!

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Posted 10 months ago

Hi Judy, nice to meet you!

Posted 10 months ago

hey KenKast Podcast whens next pod out?