The 5 Pillars to Finding a Long Term Relationship

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1 Feb 2021


This week on the podcast I discuss how to have a successful long term relationship. Spoiler alert. You gotta have...

Accountability - you have to know who you are and what you require to give and receive love

Discernment - need filters for who you are dating

Intentional - you have to date with a purpose

Authentic - unapologetically be yourself

Effective communication - Check out episode 1 to see what this is about

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Posted 8 months ago

KenKast Podcast Thanks for sharing. Can you add a photo to the post so that we can share it?

Posted 8 months ago

Anothher one!!! Will check this out

Posted 8 months ago

KenKast Podcast !! THanks for this...can i share this out far and wide please? Really needed to hear this and this helps keep me aligned. Thankyou

Posted 8 months ago

thanks ken great listen man keep them coming KenKast Podcast