Recruiting for Diversity

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29 Jan 2021


Linkedin has some fantastic content on the topic of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In this series they provide a practical how-to guide to revamping the approach to recruitment and what steps to take to maximise the opportunity to bring diverse talent into the organisation.

Diversity sounds good, but speaking frankly about age discrimination, gender bias, and hiring disparities can take many talent acquisition professionals out of their comfort zone. In this course, Stacey Gordon explains how to confidently approach the topic of bias and successfully address it when recruiting. She outlines the most common mistakes that recruiters make as well as ways to assess your current recruiting strategy to achieve success.

Learning objectives

  • Write improved job descriptions.
  • Explain two methods of active diversity sourcing.
  • Explain and demonstrate three impartial interview techniques.
  • Explain how to identify the end goal of the recruiting process and two ways to avoid common recruiting mistakes.
  • Identify three ways to improve your diversity recruitment process by identifying what isn't working.
  • Demonstrate ways to attract diverse candidates using social media.
  • Explain the importance of employer branding via their website.

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