Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury: Who Will Win the Fight of the Century?

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27 Jan 2021


Anthony Joshua will fight Tyson Fury this year. The two titans will clash, for the chance to become the first undisputed heavyweight champion of the world since 1999. 

Fury, or the Gypsy King as he likes to be known, transforms boxing into an art form. He moves so elegantly that there would be a lead role for him in a West End production of Swan Lake, if the main character was a 6 ‘9 bald man. He slips, jabs and weaves to his own rhythm. 

Joshua’s style is completely different. He has been British Boxing’s golden boy since winning gold at the 2012 Olympic Games. He is a polished, systemic and powerful fighter who bullies lesser opponents, in a manner so dominant that he resembles the unflappable villain of the Karate Kid films!

The clash of styles makes this fight impossible to call. However, here at Spiela we do not sit on the fence. So here is my prediction as to how the fight will unfold:

Tyson Fury is the bookies favourite, but Joshua will win by knockout. Joshua has two advantages that will prove decisive. 

Firstly, Joshua will be sharper having fought more recently. He dismantled the challenge of Kubrat Pulev with aplomb, in December. During the fight he looked fresh and fearless. On the other hand, Fury has not stepped into the ring since his domination of Deontay Wilder last February. 

Promoters expect the fight to take place in May or June 2021, which would mean that Fury will not have fought for 15 months. Therefore, he will no doubt be rustier than AJ, who will look to exploit this by putting the Gypsy King under pressure from the opening bell.

The second factor that will work in Joshua’s favour is Fury’s newly aggressive style. Tyson shocked the world with the brutal way he went after Wilder in his last fight. It was an explosive performance from the Brit, who stopped Deontay in 7 rounds.

However, it is easy to forget that the Gypsy King was caught by powerful right hands, in the fight’s early exchanges. Should he expose himself the same amount this time around, Joshua has the IQ to punish him.

These reasons may tip it in Joshua’s favour, but the fight could swing either way. The only thing certain about the event is that it is boxing’s biggest moment since the days of Muhammad Ali!

Which way do you think the fight will go? Let us know in the comments below!

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