Mental Health Tips for Improving Lockdowns

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24 Jan 2021


Looking after your mental health has to be your top priority this lockdown. Emotions such as anxiety and depression take a toll when left unchecked, and can seriously affect quality of life. These winter months will get tough, so it is necessary to take steps to protect your wellbeing and remain happy!

There is plenty mental health advice online, however some of it can be generic. Therefore, I thought I would share some tips that have helped me get through lockdown so far. My hope is that a personal brand of advice may prove more helpful to at least one other person.

The first thing that helps me is keeping busy, with or without a job. My role at Spiela has kept me occupied, coupled with hobbies such as sketching, reading and running. Lightly productive activities also create a feeling of accomplishment, which is beneficial. This helps as there is simply less time to consider the ongoing pandemic.

My next piece of advice is perhaps my most important. You must remove stressors from your life, if you are struggling. Dealing with a global pandemic is stressful enough, and factors such as a job or a living situation can amplify this feeling. For example, should a job be making your life difficult it is important that you take time off for yourself. We live in a very work-oriented culture and it is easy to forget that health is more important than profession. Should an employer take an issue with this, that is their problem. You are the most important person in your life!

My final piece of advice is a bit lighter! During these times you need to treat yourself. Whether it be through online shopping, having a takeaway or getting some fresh air, the little dopamine hit that rewards generate will help anyone feel better. So as soon as you finish up this article, open up Deliveroo!

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thanks for this George Arnold this is a great article!

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check this out Ivan Kay

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Nice article

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Good post

Posted 8 months ago

Hi George, I'm coping in Lockdown by meditating everyday. it really helps me to start the day with good intentions and I've found that it helps me to stay productive.