How to get an internship:


1. Attend insight/networking events. The biggest firms host these throughout the year. Visit their careers pages and search 'upcoming events'.

2. When networking, be yourself, be curious, ask well prepared questions and remember names. Follow up either on LinkedIn or via email.

3. Have a well structured cover letter. You won't get it right first time round so be sure to get your friends, siblings, parents or anyone you know in the industry to review it. Do this multiple times. Keep it simple and to the point. It needs to sell you as the best potential candidate for the role.

4. Have a well structured CV. Repeat step 3 and use powerful bullet points. Don't just state what you did. Highlight what you learnt or achieved.

5. Ace online interviews by treating them like in-person interviews.

6. Ace in-person interview by preparing solid answers to the usual competency style questions as well as potential brainteasers and technical questions.

7. Likability is important. VERY important. If you don't fit the culture of a company you won't get an offer. When it comes to this you have to simply be yourself. Be human.

8. Always remember: quality > quantity.

9. Be bold. Be brave. If you don't shoot, you won't score!

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