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19 Jan 2021


Dealing with the curve balls your business has been thrown

Would you like some help pivoting and promoting your business?

Successful Mums Career Academy have funding to help 100 mums to promote their business with business advice, ideas and coaching to help your business at this time.

With a flexible, online learning platform, experienced business coaches and network of likeminded mums, we can support you through this difficult time and help you, and your business, to thrive.

Register your interest for our FREE Digital Promotion for Business Mums online course with Successful Mums Careers Academy.

This course requires some level of digital skills as well as an existing business and social profiles. If you

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Posted 9 months ago

This isr really crucial especially with the young women i work for..thanks and will check this out!!

Posted 9 months ago

hey Lynette Nabbosa Kaleke Kolawole Ivy Kayima Michaela Obiri-Yeboah please check this out!!

Posted 9 months ago

KenKast Podcast and Jamal Kendal Campbell Please check this out and share!

Posted 9 months ago

I really like this! We need to support women, especially with this pandemic.