Anxiety: Helping Yourself

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6 Jan 2021


Hi everyone,

Wishing you a Happy New Year and hoping you are all keeping safe and well.

It's fair to say that this pandemic has taken a toll on a lot of peoples mental health. We have had to adjust and adapt more than ever. It has also become harder to get physical help which is why I have created my very first mental health printable programme.

The printable is called 'Anxiety: Helping Yourself' and is designed to help YOU take back control over your thoughts, emotions and goals.

I have used my own personal journey of struggling with anxiety and panic attacks and poured all my thought-processes and lessons learnt into this printable in the hope that it can help you feel more empowered in taking action.

The printable has over 60 pages of worksheets and is split into 3 fundamental segments:


30-day thought tracker

Looking at your triggers

13-day symptoms tracker

Easing symptoms

Establishing a 5-step calm plan

Support systems


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Posted 9 months ago

Thanks soo much for this Nav Sohanpaul will check it out!!

Posted 9 months ago

Nav Sohanpaul How has your NY been? positive i hope?

Posted 9 months ago

Nav Sohanpaul its clear concise and simple..cant beat that