Let's Attract All The Positivity This 2021

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5 Jan 2021


Life is a cycle of uncertainties and inevitable circumstances. Every day, you wake up with your mind circling into thoughts of “What’s my schedule for today?”, “Where is the meeting at?” or “Why do I feel unmotivated?”

Series of stressful thoughts are starting to run inside your mind making you not driven enough to even get up from your bed. All of us tend to plan our days ahead of time, and if failure comes along the way, it will drastically frustrate us. This factor will even lead us to be disorganized and distracted until the end of the day.

It’s never a bad idea to stop for a while and think of something that can refresh your mind. Before heading out of the room, make sure that your mind is in a peaceful phase. Clear out burdens, juggle away thoughts that will keep you from performing effectively for the rest of the day, or just stimulating happy hormones from telling yourself some positive affirmations.

Remember that our mind is a magnet. It is a tool where we can manifest whatever we imagine.

 If you think of success, you can attract success.

If you think of failures, you can attract failure.

One way or another, we have to choose the path where we can grow and excel. Eliminate negativities and gloomy shenanigans, for it will only hinder us from accomplishing our purpose. Let us allow ourselves to focus on certain things that will lead us at the top of the pedestal.

We must embrace the goodness in life and face the obstacles it may give us. As long as we set our minds towards our goals, dreams, visions, and desires – we can attract breakthroughs. Take time to learn the law of attraction. The process will be all worth it.

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Posted 7 months ago

Thanks for this Jasmer Tomoling really inspiring - anybody need any form of guidance do let me know

Posted 7 months ago

thanks Jasmer Tomoling may i ask how you applied this to secure opportunities?

Posted 7 months ago

thanks so much Jasmer Tomoling and welcome to the community. I for one would love to see more of your content and ideas os please continue to share