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Ask an entrpreneur Ivan Kayima


I am Ivan Kayima  - Serial product manager at Cisco and CEO of Spiela.

I have been in Tech for last 10 years. I have done QA testing, Coding, product management, project management and now i run my own startup.

Happy to answer any Tech related questions you may have. Please feel free to ask and invite others so we can create a collaborative learning experience and grow together.

I am all ears!


5 Jan 2021

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Judy Posted 3 months ago
what made you start this journey?
Ivan Posted 3 months ago
Honestly, money became my main motivation - When i actually started seeing how marginalized communitie where missing out on this, it became my mission to ensure these communities are not left out and that is how spiela was born.
Romel Posted 3 months ago
10 years in one field is amazing..What is the most important thing you have learnt being apart of it?

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