The many faces of Spiela…

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16 Apr 2020


Over the years our platform has been used for a variety of things, but our core has always been to help those who maybe don’t have the same opportunities as some others do. Unfortunately, we live in a world where the chances that people get are not always because they deserved it…sometimes its luck, sometimes it was a birth right and sometimes its through a bit of skulduggery. If you look closely at the work place in the UK there is a massive disparage of ethnic diversity and if you look even closer at the stats it’s even more shocking. There is a distinct lack of BAME presence in the workforce where they represent 10% of the workforce yet only 6% are in top management positions. Increasing workplace diversity can boost the UK economy by £24 billion a year…so our questions is why is there not more of an ethnic minority presence? Is it due to opportunity? Do ethnic minorities generally have less opportunities than their Caucasian counterparts? Without sounding controversial, we definitely think the disparity is huge and are working away to ensure that the next generation of young people from BAME backgrounds have the same opportunities as the rest. Equal opportunities amongst people is not common, but we are working towards it so it is. Welcome to Spiela! Glad to have you on board.

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