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Why do black women feel black men are trash?

Hello everyone, I have a podcast and in the latest episode, I discussed with my friend, Andre, our perception of how black women feel black men on and off social media. If you have the time please check it out and let me know how you feel about the topic or what we said. Also, please ignore the clickbaity title... :)





15 Dec 2020

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Ivan Posted 4 months ago
Hey KenKast Podcast thanks fo sharing - and the very click baity title..Do you personally feel they think we are trash?
KenKast Posted 4 months ago
I do no think a majority of black women do, but it is enough to cause for concern. It is really hard to discern whether it is enough becuase this could really be the vocal minority being really loud.
Ivan Posted 4 months ago
Lauren Ngabo what do you think?
Shirene Posted 4 months ago
Welcome KenKast Podcast . Thanks for sharing. That's an interesting question you've posed, are you asking from experience?
KenKast Posted 4 months ago
Haha. Yes, but I don't get it that much. I get it when I sometimes get wrapped up in work and don't have time for a woman and they get upset. Which is understandable but I have to pay the bills. I also know some men are actually trash and they can mess it up for the rest of us, becuase if a guy cheats on 2 girls and neither know then both will think men are trash and tell their friends but inn reality its just one guy not 2 that did the cheating. I hope that explanation was clear.
Judy Posted 3 months ago
interesting view KenKast Podcast as a non black person i am intrigued by such views and how valid this is?

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