“Why should we hire you?”

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22 Apr 2020


1. Research the company mission and product offering.

2. Select three achievements that relate to the job description and company mission. Each example should illustrate that you can deliver value from day one.

3. Explain how your experience, skills and attributes make you the best fit for the job.

Take that info and plug it into the following sample answer: “Given what I know about the role, and unique challenges being faced by the company you should hire me for three reasons: the first is a combination of my in-depth knowledge of the industry, my unique skill set, and past achievements. In my previous role I achieved X, Y, and Z which is why I know I can deliver value from day one. The second reason is that I extensively researched the company, and feel my values are 100% aligned with company values. More specifically, value X is something I’m proud to be known for if you were to ask colleagues. And lastly, I’m just really passionate about the work. I’ve been in the industry for the past X number of years, and I see myself digging in, and honing my skills for the foreseeable future.

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