“Why should we hire you?”


1. Research the company mission and product offering.

2. Select three achievements that relate to the job description and company mission. Each example should illustrate that you can deliver value from day one.

3. Explain how your experience, skills and attributes make you the best fit for the job.

Take that info and plug it into the following sample answer:

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Posted 9 months ago

During my interviews at LinkedIn, the hiring team asked me questions on my experience working in international markets. They specifically asked me to provide examples from my tenure at Google. I had none. I had worked on products made for India and other emerging markets.It was my final interview with the Global VP of the User Experience Research, when I was asked this question.‘Why should I hire you’ was my opportunity to pitch myself. I decided to do it on the same lack-of-international-markets-working-experience that the hiring team was concerned about. I pitched it not as something that I can offer to LinkedIn, but as something that LinkedIn can offer me.My answer to ‘Why should I hire you’ was:In each of my last jobs, I learned one significant thing. In Google, I learned to do good work from others and resources available. Google is a whole university in itself- there is so much one can learn if they are looking to. I worked on the Next Billion Users team and built a strong foundation. That domain continued in Flipkart which is making products for next 100M users. Also, in a senior role, I learnt the art of stakeholder management at Flipkart. So I bring domain expertise of emerging markets with me. Plus I know how to work with cross-functional partners and to manage them. With these two aptitudes under my belt, I guess the next logical career step for me is to gain experience working in international markets. I believe that’s something LinkedIn can offer me. That’s where I see myself as a fit at LinkedIn.