Mental health thread Support links, websites, key people

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11 Nov 2020


Mental Health

Hey guys,

I have created this thread for our community members to share any and all things related to mental health and how to overcome this very challenging period. We understand peoples mental health has taken a huge hit and we want to help. We will push this thread to our local councils, Partners, sponsors and newsletter so this is a callout for everyone to add to this thread any and all orgs, people and links regarding mental health wellness/mindfulness.


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Posted 11 months ago

Marco Ricci and Nav Sohanpaul run two fantastic organisations regarding mental health called " Talking mental health" and "Peace over panic" - I will let them explain further

Posted 11 months ago - Mind charity

Posted 11 months ago

Thanks Ivan Kayima I'll add to this today

Posted 11 months ago

I have worked with Mental Health First Aid England. They provide quality training courses for workplaces to support employees and they provide a library of resources. completed my Youth Mental Health First Aid course with them which I recommend. I can now be a first responder supporting young people in a mental health crisis.

Posted 11 months ago

RAMP Study are looking for participants of black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds to take part in regular surveys and help us research the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health and wellbeing of people across the UK.If you're interested in participating, you can take part by clicking here. You can also download the study information sheet. For more information or to contact us click here or email

Posted 11 months ago

- Hi everyone, it is an extremely testing time at the moment. The current situation in England, where we are under a second national lockdown has left many people feeling isolated, frustrated and anxious. It is really important to embrace our emotions and check-in our mental health. Peace Over Panic Blog is a platform I created to support anyone who is having a hard time with overwhelming stress, anxiety and panic attacks. I am a big believer in natural remedies and share all the things which I have personally found to help me feel more empowered in taking care of my mental health. You can find out more about our free programmes, resources and articles here: - If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch! Nav x

Posted 11 months ago

Hi all! To expand on Ivan's brief introduction, my name's Marco and I run a website called Talking Mental Health. Our purpose is to provide a platform for people experiencing or recovering from mental health issues to share their experiences in a safe environment. We're steadily expanding our capabilities to provide more and more support for people so please come along and check us out at

Posted 11 months ago