Building the Auduino Synthesiser (Arduino Based DIY Synth)

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9 Nov 2020


I started this project after spending a lot of time online staring at other peoples modular synthesisers. I ended up diving deep into electronics research, and decided that it would be fun (and cost-efficient) to try to build my own! This is the first module I have created, and it makes some gorgeous ambient sounds (which you can hear in my video).

The Auduino works by creating two triangle waves with pitch and decay knobs, which you turn and tune to form interesting harmonics. The singular knob to the left of my Auduino affects the frequency of the repetition of a grain of this noise

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Posted 11 months ago

Charis Cat long have you been doing this for?

Posted 11 months ago

@Ivan - Hey Ivan! Thanks for the comment! :D (Sorry, can't seem to get the reply feature to work on this site) This was my first 'proper' electronics project but I have been messing around with arduino stuff for about a year now. Music and computers in general i've been interested in for a lot longer. Currently working on building and programming a machine learning based 8 step sequencer.

Posted 11 months ago

Charis Cat no worries at all ( the reply feature will be fixed asap) i love what you are doing and thanks for sharing this. Please do invite others onto the site to share this necessary info and other cool things and will get this added to the newsletter

Posted 11 months ago

Shirene Torrance-Dodd something for ruben maybe?

Posted 11 months ago

Scott Nnaghor

Posted 11 months ago

John Bagwell what you think of this bro?

Posted 8 months ago

Hey Charis Cat you still doing this?