Adults without A levels to be offered free college course


Adults without A-levels to be offered free college course. 

The scheme is part of the government's package to prepare workers for a post-COVID economy 

ADULTS WITHOUT A-levels will be offered a free college course as part of the government’s efforts to prepare them for a post-COVID economy, the prime minister will announce today. 

The fully funded education and training will also be open to those without an equivalent A-level qualification. 

The initiative will be available from April in England and will be paid for through the National Skills Fund. A full list of eligible courses will be released. 

In a speech on today, Prime minister Boris Johnson will announce the new Lifetime Skill Guarantee. 

Additional measures to include increasing apprentice opportunities by providing more funding for SMEs to take on apprentices and giving greater flexibility in how their training is structured. 

Higher education loans will also be made more flexible, enabling adults and young people to spread out their study, take an increased number of high-quality vocational courses and retrain for “jobs of the future”. 

Will this new initiative benefit you or your family?  

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