Navigating inclusivity


Having spent nearly two decades working with a few organizations, I have seen many ideas floating around on how we encourage inclusivity. But first things first - what is inclusivity or an inclusive workplace, and why is it important? What’s so special about it? 

Google and you come across many definitions. One thing common in these - they all agree that an inclusive workplace values individual differences and makes them feel welcome and accepted. 


The second part of the question - why inclusivity - well, inclusive teams were 10 times more productive than their non-inclusive counterparts with a lesser likelihood of workers being harassed at work, more likely to have higher job satisfaction, and nine times more likely to innovate. 

As you dwell deep, you find a plethora of information around this topic, but you would agree that each of us has our own unique personal experiences around this topic. And that’s where I thought of sharing some factors that helped me or shall I say “are helping me” continue to learn and be more intelligible about inclusivity.

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Posted 2 years ago

Shirene Jarvis I know you work in this field and as working professionals, do you feel progress in your industry?


Posted 2 years ago

Inclusivity is power - something lord michael hastings said was "just how we have to enter their space, they have to enter ours". There is so much power in that compassion starts with ourselves and we are just as important in these spaces.


Posted 2 years ago

Judy Richmond Hi Judy, I