Black Pound Month...

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It’s Black Pound Day!

1st August 2020 is Black Pound day here in the UK. A day to help the black community build generational and communal wealth but is one day enough?

At Spiela, we are dedicated to seeing our community continuously grow and prosper so we will be supporting The Black Pound throughout the whole month of August.  

So, if you are Black, British and have a business to promote, register and create a Spiela account, then drop your links below so we can shop with you this month. 

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Posted 1 year ago

I bought some creative black birthday cards for my family from this site today. I

Posted 1 year ago

ThanksShirene Jarvisalthough my thinking is, we want to eradicate this entirely and just include it as a regular day.

Posted 1 year ago

Judy Richmond ? Nav Sohanpaul