Getting your CV right...


Recipe to a simple and effective resume:

1. Write "Summary" in your own words (2-3 lines max). Don't copy paste from a template. Be direct, clear and concise about what you have done till now and which designation you want to join at next.

2. Mention "Skills" and "Core Competencies" relevant to your domain/ role - separated by tabs - makes it easier to read and presentable.

3. Highlight your "Achievements" next. Use bullet points.

4. Showcase your "Professional Experience" without explaining job description in too much detail. Limit it to 3-4 bullet points for each organisation you worked in.

5. Freshers can mention School in "Education" but experienced ones can skip it and stick to College info.

6. Then we can have "Certifications/Professional Training", "Extra-curricular Activities" and "Interests" if you want. Font - Calibri Font size - 11.

Don't forget to do spell check. Check spacing between lines and words. Avoid writing paragraphs (wall of text) - break them into bullet points. That should do it.

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