Spiela QA Millennial Money podcast

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20 Jul 2020



Spiela had the pleasure of hosting Joseph Nwosu - founder of the black money millenial Podcast. We discussed all things finance, building wealth, why long term planning always wins and how to make money work for you.


" People criticise the money footballers make but they have been mastering their craft for 30 years, only difference is they begin their careers much earlier then the average person and spend 15 years working a job for free. After 30 years of graft you would amass a lot of wealth also provided you are smart about it"

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Posted 1 year ago

Tony Hutchinson ??ng Th

Posted 1 year ago

Marco Ricci

Posted 1 year ago

I was listening in last night and I got some good tips from Joseph. Ho do I contact him for more information?

Posted 1 year ago

Looking forward to watching this