You see this education system yeah?

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4 Jul 2020


It is problematic In the UK and Beyond.


There is this mentality that if you want to, as a single entity or organisation, want to do something good for this educational system, you will be met with so much unnecessary pushback you will think you are dealing in a corporate system.


Effectively englands schooling system is that of an establishment pipeline (school to work) in that the slightest bit of innovation is seen as a capitalist threat. Still, we push through


Some tips i have for getting into school system are:

workshops you hold should firstly serve a purpose that is beneficial to the students, parents and teachers in the schools. Emailing is not the best idea to get their attention but speaking in assemblies and teacher meetings is one of the best ways. You should write a proposal and mail it to the suggested school/schools beforehand.

-The difficulty with selling workshops to schools and colleges is that their faculty are unionized and the union is solely responsible for curriculum development. This is a hard sell. The only way to reach these people is to make a presentation where you essentially teach the workshop to faculty who will be teaching it to students if they decide to buy.


Whats yours


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Posted 1 year ago

Hey, .As a former Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Education and former School Board Trustee, I recommend that your questions be directed to the heads of years at Schools for the jurisdiction you are wanting to establish a working relationship with your company. Another approach to consider is to reach out school unions to network.

Posted 1 year ago

How do you go about sourcing the contact, is that by going via the council?

Posted 1 year ago

This education system we live in is so temperamental and flawed. We know in education that young people should not be confined to just 1 experience but rather many! Its these experience that allow them to make the best judgement. If you are trying to get into schools to do workshops or work you must attend these local school events ( you can see them on your local gov websites) Reach out on linkedin to teachers who work there and build a rapport. you must win the teachers over first then the rest will follow

Posted 1 year ago

All good points..for me its going yo local council meetings and pitching what you do to whoever listens..get in good with teachers( linkedin, networking, ask your network) then once they can vouch for you, you are in

Posted 1 year ago

Also, my borough has this old boys mentality where any new company trying to get in is a problem. I would advise reaching out to your council and see if they can intro you to someone who has access to like a regional head of schools

Posted 1 year ago

Thanks Christian DeFeo for this really good insight into the multiple ways of learning. Young people the world is your oyster, lean on us and learn who is in your space and continually ask until it makes sense.