The Inequalities of UK Employment...

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14 Apr 2020


The UK has become more ethnically diverse and BAME employment rates are at their highest for the first time in 15 years. And there’s no shortage of ideas on how to tackle employment inequalities?—?from diverse recruitment panels and name-blind CV’s to Change management programs. But how long will this progress take? We still have a long way to go before there’s a level playing field for everyone. So ask yourself, what change do you want to see?.

Diversity in the workplace results in better productivity. By having diverse thinking in product development teams, it can aid the quality of the products and features and make them more attractive to a wider audience (Tipper, 2004). As the digital and tech world is expanding, the need for talent is becoming greater, therefore in order to produce the best products to the market, teams must be diverse. Businesses need to produce talent pipelines that include women and BAMEs (Stewart, 2016).

Diversity and Inclusion extends far beyond gender and race, so talent pools need to be wider and more diverse than ever before...and this is where Spiela are committed in helping make that change become quicker to ensure diversity in the workplace is normalised not marginalised.

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