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Peace Over Panic x Talking Mental Health: Part 1

Mental health issues don't discriminate. They affect people from all parts of society regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs or gender.

Nav Sohanpaul of Peace Over Panic and I have come together to create a two-part series that examines the impact of societal values and pressures on the physical, emotional and mental health of men and women.

This first part is authored by Nav and delves into her own experiences with anxiety and the effect it's had on her life up to this point.

The piece has been published on both our respective sites – at Peace Over Panic and at Talking Mental Health.

We would love for you to read it and share your thoughts!


2 Jul 2020

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Mercy Posted 10 months ago
Thanks for this guys will check this out!!
Nav Posted 10 months ago
Thank you! We would love to know what you think!
Nicholas Posted 10 months ago
Took a read. Great article but got to ask, What where the triggers. I feel anxiety is a conflict of the mind right? So how do we i guess,react to a trigger and deal with it? Being present?
Nav Posted 10 months ago
Hi Nicholas, thanks so much for reading the article. For me personally, the triggers were a combination of working for a world-renowned corporation where I was trying to balance the expectations placed on me whilst also trying to maintain authenticity. Totally agree with you on anxiety presenting itself as a conflict. I also found that for me, anxiety had this undertone of panic – like something bad was going to happen. The biggest thing I have found that helps is accepting the trigger for what it is, bringing awareness to that feeling and then letting it go. A lot of the time, we tend to suppress uncomfortable feelings and this only fuels them to grow larger. Meditation was the number one thing that helped me control my thoughts around my triggers so this is something I would recommend everyone to give a go. I would also say taking time out to reflect is hugely important. If there are things you are able to detect as not being good for you, serving you no purpose and are anxiety-provoking, feel empowered to make a change or speak up. When we make ourselves a priority, we feel more happy, motivated and mentally strong. I am actually working on a few background posts at the moment where I explore anxiety as a concept so will be sure to post the links up on Spiela once finalised. There are also lots of tips for anxiety relief on Peace over Panic Blog such as short meditations to get you started, self-care ideas and therapies to explore. Hope this helps!
Jacob Posted 10 months ago
Thankyou Marco and peace over panic for this. The level of bravery to discuss this topic is such a big thing these days and authenticity is the key to really looking at these issues and dealing with them. Acceptance is the first stage. then resolution to follow.
Nav Posted 10 months ago
Hi Jacob, thank you so much! Totally agree with you there – once we accept what is going on and lean into the difficult feelings, then we can begin to overcome them. A lot of the times anxiety is also a wake-up call telling us we need to make changes in our lives, so the pain we may be feeling can actually guide us into making better decisions for ourselves.
Ivan Posted 10 months ago
Thanks nav for the feedback and answering it all, so honest and brave. honestly amazing

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