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Getting into your male dominated field as a woman

Hey Guys,


First off, Its getting easier.


As a woman, we live in such a patriarchal field that there is always going to be a hurdle. However, this has presented so much opportunity for support against male oppression.


We have to navigate, think fast and work towards a male standard which is unfair but when we do, we prove we are more then capable of holding our own in so called male dominated roles. the most important think is our IP in these fields and protecting what we do to use as a kind of, shield against patriarchy. There are those who hold our best interests at heart, but we as women must always stand on our own toes and hold our head high in pride for the many things that we continue to achieve.


What do you guys think?


1 Jul 2020

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Nicholas Posted 8 months ago
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Sarah Posted 4 months ago
What field are you in love?