Google Doodle celebrates the life of Olive Morris

Posted by shirene-torrance-dodd

Google Doodle celebrates the remarkable life of Olive Morris but who was she? 

Olive Morris was a community activist in South London in the 1970s, who died of cancer aged 27 in 1979. Through her activities organising the black community and feminist activism, she left behind an extraordinary legacy of local activism.

Read more about her and her activism from the Black Cultural Archives.


Happy Birthday, Olive!


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Thankyouu for this
Posted 3 weeks ago
She was amazing. Especially during that era where violence was the response to black people from the racist. i wonder the impact she would of had if she was 27 years old today.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Very interesting take. Very suffrage like but purpose is different and very meaningful. Will explore more
Posted 1 week ago
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