The Interview Conundrum...


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail...

Picture the scene, you've been applying for numerous jobs via various job boards, LinkedIN, put forward for jobs from recruiters who may have contacted you as a result of them seeing your CV online and it's finally've been asked to come in for an interview. Now this is when the real hard work starts and get prepared for the interview and make sure you put your best foot forward.

We understand how nerve wracking it can get when preparing for an interview and whether or not to do certain things beforehand, so we have created 9 of the top questions you should expect to hear...

+ Tell me about yourself? - It is good to show your personality here but don't reveal everything, especially about the time you went on your first lads/girls holiday when you were 18. + Why do you want to work here? - This will show your potential employers that you have done some research on them + Where do you see yourself in 5 years? - This will show the company how ambitious you are + Why should I hire you? - Potentially a trick question...Just be honest and try to stay away from the cliches. + What are your strengths? - By all means list them + What are your weaknesses? - This is also a trick question, what they really want to hear is what you want to improve. Do not in any circumstances list your weaknesses. + What are you looking for in a position? - This relates to your ambition. + Describe a difficult situation and how you overcame it. - This does not have to be work related it can also be something as simple as solving a problem in general life. + Why are you leaving your current position / situation?

Also remember to dress the part for the job...that does not always mean dressing in the finest Hugo Boss suit but use your common sense and if you are really unsure check with the company.

And last of all believe in yourself, because we do. :-)

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