Have you watched Little Fires Everywhere?


“Little Fires Everywhere,” on Prime Video is adapted from Celeste Ng’s bestselling 2017 novel, uses motherhood to explore issues of race and class. Witherspoon plays Elena Richardson, a perfectionist mom, with 4 teen children.” The story centres on the contentious relationship between Elena and single mother Mia Warren, played by Kerry Washington, who is also an executive producer of the 8-part series along with Witherspoon. 


The story starts the catastrophic fire at the home of Elena’s family that destroys it completely, then flashes back to reveal how the unfolded. 


This has been one of my favourite lockdown series for so many reasons - have you seen it? What did you think?

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Posted 2 years ago

I have seen this as i scroll along but not given it a chance. Guess i will now. Thanks :)


Posted 2 years ago

Was looking for a review of this thankyou for providing this