Confronting Homelessness in the Post Covid World Join us on Wedensda


As devastating as the Covid-19 crisis has been, the speed rough sleepers were provided shelter when the country went into lockdown shows that we can imagine new possibilities and action new initiatives to significantly help the vulnerable - this isn’t a fantasy. Yet, amid conflicting reports about what will happen as we open society up again, we have to take action now to make sure that the progress made isn’t lost. 

Join us for an inspiring and action-filled evening where, alongside a panel of experts, we will explore the key issues in tackling #homelessness and consider how we can take the learnings from the coronavirus crisis and use these as cornerstones to eradicate homelessness in a #postcovidworld

#socialimpact #vulnerable #socialpurpose

Sign up for free here, with any optional donations going to a homelessness charity:

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