How do I succeed in the digital age? What not to do


The Tyrannosaurus Rex was the dominant force of the Cretaceous Period where pure animal instinct ruled the we live in the digital age where you can pretty much do anything via your mobile phone. There is always some sort of Ted Talk, Tony Robbins esque self-help landing page or 'social media influencer video' released everyday about how to be successful, how to make sure you get your foot in the door, how to make your mark on the world...which are great but sometimes it doesn't show the other side of what to do...or what not to do.

There are actually steps on how to be UN-Successful and if I am honest, they are pretty obvious, but sometimes we all need that reminding of what not to do...Everyone here wants to be successful and we are all hustlers but we need to remember to stay cool sometimes.

1. Always trying to fit in: Making decisions based on what other people will think about you. Like not using the tube because 'ballers' do not do that but renting a super car you cannot afford is fine because that is what 'ballers' do right.

2. Having a negative attitude: Feeling sorry for yourself and constantly blaming other people for your problems, specifically the ones you created.

3. Being impulsive: Letting your emotions control your thoughts and behaviour. Never thinking things through or considering alternative options.

4. Acting too confident: Always trying to prove that you know things you don

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Posted 11 months ago

Great post...


Posted 11 months ago

Nice to hear that.


Posted 9 months ago

Thanks for this and really need to start making moves on it!