What happens after #BlackoutTuesday


I write this post on 2nd June gone 6pm on a Tuesday, a Tuesday which we will now be remembered as #BlackoutTuesday when people all over social media posted black squares in protest of the treatment of black people all over the world/wanting change in how things are...

I have been scrolling through social media seeing nothing but black sqaures everywhere and it fills you with you some sort of hope that the world is not all bad and that there are good people out there still, yet at the same time I scroll through my timelines with sadness and a tear rolling down my brown (I have included the colour of my skin deliberately) cheek because it's 2020 and this sh*t is still something anyone who is non-white has to deal with and the world thinks by posting black squares it will help, it may do but at the same time come 23:59 on Tuesday when the clock passes midnight into Wednesday what happens next?????

We have seen these types of protests before and yet nothing has changed previously...When football players and other sports stars prostested on social media to the racist abuse suffered each and every single day, nothing changed and in fact the abuse probably got worse for those who were affected the most.

Does social media simply move on from Tuesday to Wednesday like it's a new day, I would hope not but lets be honest it probably will, and this is the real saddening part. 

It's getting to a point where any protest whether it is simply taking a knee, standing in solidarity on social media or even the violent scenes that have engulfed the US (which by the way I absolutely abhor) nothing is heard, so what do we do to make a change? And in my humble opinion it starts with leadership and the trust we put in them...they have shown themselves to be cowards hiding behind ideologies from the 1800's and a new voice needs to be heard...OURS!!!

We must not stop fighting for what is right and if you don't agree with me you can jog on. 

In all honesty I have written this with lots of emotions running through my mind and body, and one day I will probably look back at this article and think I could have done it differently, spoke more elequently etc etc but at this moment in time this is how I feel and I hope the rest of you do to. 

Peace and love everyone. xx 

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Posted 2 years ago

Amen and please lets share this


Posted 2 years ago

Thanks for this ruben and it speaks to the plight of our people. No more must we just be compliant, time to fight for our rights!


Posted 2 years ago

I was thinking the same thing. Will all the black squares simply disappear tomorrow? Will I keep mine up for the whole week? Ask me tomorrow. Longer-term, however, I don't want things just to reset and for things to return to "normal", I want this tsunami of emotion to change things finally in the States and then here in the UK. POC in the States must mobilise politically and vote, vote, vote, both at the ballot box and with their black dollars.