How i got into the world of Tech Coding and Product Management


Hey Guys,


Ivan, the founder of Spiela here.


So i actually was born and bred in lewisham. Went to a school which is now defunct (Northbrook) and my favourite topic was Science and IT


Science allowed you to continually test and innovate. Try new things. It allowed me to create things/thoughts and make them reality. Inevitably this is what became known as tech, the ability for machines to do things that we cant.

Tech is so vast and there are so many things to do within it. Computer coding was my first experience. You have to have ALOT of patience because it is just like learning a new language, lots of Trial and error. Coding is meant to be fun because it allows you to create whatever you want.


Those cool video games you like, those music videos you wish you where in? Coding allows you to make those dreams into a reality and the benefits are endless.


Big companies like Apple, google, marvel, Disney always look for new programmers for so many exciting projects. There is so much work to go around so finding a job in that field is relatively easy. Once you get a good understanding of code you pretty much have a job for life because innovation is needed in every single sector.


What you think? Worth a try? Take your shot and drop me a message so i can get you hooked up.

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Lovely post