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What makes a 'good' leader...

With all that is going on right now at No.10...

What leadership quality is needed right now for this country?

Forget your political views and your personal thoughts on the clowns in that circus hut we call 10 Downing Street, if you were to pick 4 things that a leader must have what qualities would you pick?

Is it as simple as saying 'Trusted' - 'Dependant' - 'The guts to make the hard calls' - 'Authenticity' or the mantra of Obama, the level headedness of Jacinda Arden, the leadership of Martin Luther King and the Stoicism of Nelson Mandela or something else?

Of course, on top of the list would be no hypocrites, especially ones called Boris or Dominic...


25 May 2020

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Ivan Posted 8 months ago
Ivan Posted 8 months ago
Thanks for this
Nicholas Posted 8 months ago
HMM.. A lot more to it then that. For young people, you need to know that being a leader is about selflessness. Sacrificing a part of you for the goal/mission. Leaders possess the ability to read their teams thoughts and feelings and are able to remove any pains people have so that they can perform to their highest level.
Japo Posted 8 months ago
Effective communication is needed right now
Japo Posted 8 months ago
Japo Posted 8 months ago