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Bounty Killer vs Beenie Man Who took the crown?

Beenie Man and Bounty Killer broke the internet last night in the first Reggae and in-person #Verzuz battle on Instagram Live.

The two artists drew in more than 450,000 viewers as they performed live with DJs and a dancer and police trying to shut it down.

It was the best Vs yet! Who took the crown? Bounty Killer smashed it for me for the hype but Beenie Man had tune after tune.

If you not seen it yet, where have you been? 

One Love Jamaica!



24 May 2020

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Ivan Posted 8 months ago
Beanie man..all day everyday..makes you appreciate the impact of what one small island has had on the rest of the world
Amelia Posted 8 months ago
Completely agree Ivan! You forget how many bangers they have and this is just one battle
Romel Posted 8 months ago
Bounty Killerrrrrrr
Robyn Posted 8 months ago
Beenie man for me 100%
Ivan Posted 8 months ago
The impact and power was amazing
Ivan Posted 8 months ago
Samuel Posted 8 months ago
Am I living under a rock why don't I know what this battle is ahahaha
Shirene Posted 8 months ago
@samuel Check out the link and replay the clash. You won’t regret it.

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