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Twitter vs Facebook for business?

Who you got?


For me will be Facebook - 1 out of the 7 billion on this planet are on Facebook. That is globalisation at the height of its superpower. You can  cannot with people you have not seen since you where maybe 10 years old. Mutually connect and then sell stuff to them depending on audience. It opens up a whole new host of opportunities.


23 May 2020

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Ivan Posted 8 months ago
Twitter for me - the instant communication, ability to sort people by list which saves you having to workout what industry they are in and the amount of engagement one tweet can do to help your business (virality) Find enough people in one space there and it can take off. Conversion to anything may not be high but great nonetheless
Mercy Posted 8 months ago
Facebook for me- You can make public statements with such ease which helps make your brand more professional and bold. Twitter is like the A20 on a Monday morning way too much going on for your messages to really stand out. If you are a dice shaker/ potluck type of person waiting on the chance of you having to go viral, then good luck try twitter.
Jacob Posted 8 months ago
Facebook for me as well. Facebook have the most powerful algorithm (although you are now being pushed for being organic) and the search range extends really far. In a business sense, you are more likely to find people who would be interested in your products and the power of grouping is great. They can serve as your testers, audience or your ambassadors.
Nicholas Posted 8 months ago
Twitter - if your business is built on quick results, nothing comes better then this. You get more of a range of potentail audiences on twitter as opposed to Facebook. Facebook full of old people
Nicholas Posted 8 months ago
It is not a knock on facebook though as the business experience on there is still incredible and has its own great benefits as some people have listed above.
Jacob Posted 8 months ago
@Nicholas - Great points about Twitter btw.
Amelia Posted 8 months ago
Definitely for me it would be facebook - Biggest reason being Instagram. Those 2 are interconnected and offer a far more powerful reach then Facebook. Also anything you post on instagram will connect straight to facebook and vice -versa.
Amelia Posted 8 months ago
You've definitely got to consider your demographic when choosing between Fb and Twitter. Twitter would be better for a younger demo.
Robyn Posted 8 months ago
I dont use Facebook much so I'd say Twitter, I see so many young business on there already
Samuel Posted 8 months ago
Definitely Twitter, I think the interaction and traffic is much higher but the point about fb/instagram is a really good point as some businesses are actually run via instagram
Jacki Posted 8 months ago
Twitter- in this day and age speed kills. Either you got it or you dont.
Shirene Posted 8 months ago
I like the wider audience that Twitter can reach and how fast the pace it is but it depends on the age group that I'm marketing to. Insta for under 30's, FB for over 30's and Twitter for all lol.