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Obviously not getting picked

Young and hungry.


Cant help but feel being in certain spaces, i am not going to get a look in due to whatever reason they have.


Is it the way i talk? Carry myself, experience or Demeanor because when i do try i try hard to impress.


Maybe they sense it?


23 May 2020

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Romel Posted 8 months ago
Please reach out i am happy to discuss this
Nicholas Posted 8 months ago
Ha join the club, I applied for a job once in a nice corporate space. Went to reception to give them my details and before i could, the receptionist looked at me in disgust and said " What are you doing here" Safe to say i did not get the job but felt no way about it.
Ivan Posted 8 months ago
Trust me, It happens. A whole range of reasons flood to your especially as you felt you interviewed as best as you possibly can do. You got to make sure you prepare before you go in. That means did you research the role/ did you take initiative and bring up key parts of the role which you could easily relate to yourself? Did you ask at least minimum 2 questions after the interview to show you where enthusiastic or engaged? Anyone need any tips for this give me a shout in this post.
Jacob Posted 8 months ago
Hey Romel, Trust me, these things happen and its way out of your control. I mean how did they engage with you? What vibe did you get? Usually an employer knows in the first 7 seconds if they want to hire you. What industry was it? Job hunting is a numbers game. You cant and i repeat CAN'T take it to heart. Just gotta suck it up and keep it moving. For every 100 no's you hear you will get that fateful 1. Then run with it!
Amelia Posted 8 months ago
"You cant take it to heart" so true Jacob! You've got to have tough skin and just keep banging on doors and one will surely open
Romel Posted 8 months ago
It can be so discouraging and I dont even know what I can do to better the situation for myself
Mercy Posted 8 months ago
How does someone looking for a job deal with an issue like this?
Jacob Posted 8 months ago
Keep your head up and keep trying, its very tiring I know but you have to keep going and maybe look into different ways of getting a job eg if you know anyone who works there or job fairs.
Robyn Posted 8 months ago
*sigh* I have definitely been through this
Samuel Posted 8 months ago
Its such a shame that this is so normal for black job seekers, the responsibility is on the employers though, not you! Its not your fault and the only thing you can do is present your best self at an interview and hope for the best

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