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Opportunity to go USA For 2 weeks in 2020 2021

-The Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative (YTILI) Fellowship is a flagship young European leaders program of the U.S. Department of State that is supported in its implementation by the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF).


23 May 2020

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Romel Posted 8 months ago
Thanks for this link, Will definitely apply for this. Looks like its worth checking out. There is also the g7 future youth summit network
Romel Posted 8 months ago
Thankyou for this info on the GMF. I will definitely share and check this opportunity out Spiela is mad helpful by the way so thankyou for whoever made this. Think its Ivan right? Met you once at a summit you spoke to last year and you done did it. Love my guy!
Ivan Posted 8 months ago
Would highly recommend this to anybody interested. I went to Boston as part of this summit and spent time studying at Harvard, MIT and got to work right in the city centre. The opportunity really opens your eyes to the world around you and would highly recommend it!
Shirene Posted 8 months ago
Thanks for sharing
Amelia Posted 8 months ago
Wow Ivan, what was it like being at Harvard?
Mercy Posted 8 months ago
This sounds like a really good experience
Robyn Posted 8 months ago
Will this be back again in 2021?
Samuel Posted 8 months ago
Always hear about schemes like this wish I'd been on one!

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